Service Descriptions

Maude understands there’s a lot of learn when it comes to hair. Here are some basics to help you understand what she has to offer you. You can also ask your stylist for more information, they’ll be happy to talk to you about these options!


Wash, condition, blow dry and go. Our hair crafters pamper you with a fresh look that can last a few days.

Conditioning Treatments

At Maude the integrity of your hair is what’s important. We offer a custom blended chemistry treatments to infuse your hair with the strength, moisture or shine it needs.


All curls are not created equal so give them the customized care they crave. The Maude Squad is well trained in cutting the personality of curly hair. We can teach you how to properly care for your locks and ay goodbye to dry, frizzy hair.

Highlights (Partial)

Partial highlights are 11 – 30 highlights that are typically placed around the face to add texture and dimension.

Highlights (Full)

30 or more highlights that typically run from your forehead to the bottom or your neck. These highlights create a consistent color throughout the hair while still maintaining dimension.


Just want a pop of highlights? Spot lights are perfect for adding a pop of color or very subtle dimension to a specific area.

Hair Painting

Hair painting is a technique that creates soft, natural looking dimensional highlights. By painting color directly onto the hair allows for the ultimate customization. The best part of this service is that unlike foils, there are no harsh regrowth lines, making this perfect for those that desire a low maintenance color routine. This technique can be used to create dimension in all hair colors, and can be customized to specific shades – so no two paintings are alike! This is also a great way to dip your toe in the color pool if you’ve never colored your hair before.

Creative Color

It’s not just for punk rockers anymore; creative color is all the rage! You can find it everywhere from fashion magazines to Main Street USA. Decadent rich hues and soft pastel shades grace the manes of celebrities, spark up advertising campaigns and are even worn by the little girl next door. A myriad of color choices await you; from permanent shades, high-intensity pigments, temporary color and even the new ombre craze. This is one of the Maude Squads favorite things to do but it takes a little more time than usual. A consultation is required.

Color Correction

Ooops… you decided to to a quick touch up on your roots and ended up with a bright orange stripe on your head! Or perhaps you wanted your hair just a tad darker, but now you look like Elvira’s sister! Have no fear – the Maude Squad can fix you. We are all certified in color correction and can fix you mistakes or another professionals mistake. Feel free to change your look from light to dark, or dark to light, while still maintaining the integrity of your hair. Consultations are required prior to service, and additional time for service is required.

Perm (Full and Partial)

A partial perm refers to permanent waves that are applied to the crown only. Partial perms are helpful between perms to help with body and fullness through the crown. A full perm is applied all over the head.

Pre-Art Hair Cleansing

Professional in-salon treatment used to clarify and help remove excess build-up from product or mineral deposits from hair. Pre- Art cleansing helps equalize the surface properties of the hair to ensure an even color result

Single Process Color

A single process is either permanent or semi-permanent color that alters your natural hair color either darker or lighter. This is just one-dimensional color, meaning your whole head of hair will be the same. Single process generally refers to just dying your hair one color, when one application of color is required.

Double Process Color

Sometimes you can’t become that Barbie blonde in just one step. Have no fear. Our crafters are certified colorists who are very skilled at getting you to that perfect shade of blonde. If just might take a little longer than usual, but you’ll leave fabulous

Shape Control

For Permanently smoothed, curled or waved hair. Shape control provides an alternative for achieving permanently smooth, curled or waved results. Utilizing advanced haircare technology combined with a breakthrough texture system you can safely change the texture of your hair with or without the use of heat! All three Reducers have a rich, creamy texture and are fortified with cationic conditioners to provide softness and shine, smoothing waxes for frizz taming and detangling, and dithioglycolic acid to minimize the risk of breakage. Please contact Maude’s hostess for a complimentary consultation on which formula would be right for you

Color Formulation Policy

We are thrilled that we have been able to formulate the perfect color for you! Maude’s hair crafters take pride in their ongoing education and continuous advancement in color theory and knowledge.May you be moving away, changing stylists, visiting one of our Rookie hair crafters, or even possibly trying a new salon; we would be happy to provide you with the details of your color formulation.Our Color Formulation Fee is $25 and can be emailed or printed for your personal use. 

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Your appointments are incredibly important to the stylists here at Maude. We reserve that time especially for you, we recognize that scheduling conflicts may arise; therefore we request 24 hours notice for any cancellations or a cancellation fee will be applied. Please understand if you do not provide us with enough notice we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time. Also our clients on a waiting list miss the opportunity to schedule services with their stylist. We require a credit card deposit on all services that exceed two hours.  You will be charged 50% of the scheduled services if we do not receive a 24 hour cancellation notice.  If you are able to reschedule your appointment within 7 days of your actual appointment we will waive the 50% charge. Maude provides confirmation calls in advance because we can understand that life becomes hectic and it is easy to overlook.  For your convenience we are also able to send you a confirmation email and text message if requested.Please let our front desk know which type of confirmation you would prefer.
PRODUCT RETURNS… Maude offers a 60-day return on gently used products. This valid towards an exchange or refund. Anything after 60-days or that is considered excessive use will not be eligible for return/exchange.